Payday Loan comparison plugin for WordPress

Now you do not need to buy substandard and unsafe collections of lender sites on WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, that selling in hundreds or even thousands of hands. In terms of Google and Bing search systems, such sites are not unique, therefore they will have a very low search rating, and most importantly, they will be unsafe.

Wp-Loaner is a tool for a webmaster who works with lender offers and values his time. Ask yourself, how much time does it take to you to add a new offer? Yes, we understand. With the help of our plugin, the time that you spent in the WordPress admin area will be reduced by 80%.

You can easily adjust the Wp-Loaner plugin to the unique design of your site built on Opensource CMS WordPress and add new offers without any rocket science. Installation, configuring and receiving ready-to-use offers from our data center will take no more than 2 minutes. The plugin is intuitive and easy to use.


  1. You do not need to know html, javascript and other «magic things».
  2. Flexible customization allows to harmoniously integrate lender offers showcase into design of any website based on WordPress.
  3. A variety of built-in templates for lender offer showcases allows to choose among the many design options the most attractive and suitable variant for your site.
  4. Wp-Loaner does not need any other plugins.
  5. Adaptation for mobile devices.
  6. Wp-Loaner supports multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, Sweden, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and others.

Main plugin functions

  1. Creation of a showcase for lender offers (in any site’s place by the shortcodes)
    • Manual data input, or receiving ready-to-use offers directly from CPA networks or from our data center.
    • The ability to change items positions in the showcase, edit and delete them.
    • The ability to duplicate objects for easy creation of different lists of offers – it is useful when you need to show only a part of lender offers on certain pages.
  2. Information presentation on the site with customization and template blanks (demo and examples are here):
    • There are two main ways to output the data – through shortcodes, or widgets. In the first case, you can display data as lists from one category, or as individual offers.
    • Widgets have three appearance options plus many kinds of visual settings.You can select one of the prepared templates in the CPA offers display window. It can be regular tables, vertical columns, rating, list with price filter, set of lender companies’ logos, etc
    • Different display options are available in the display settings: header/text color, currency/time format, hiding/displaying of the specific information, sequence of the lender’s information
    • Setting the statuses: “New”, “Promotion”, “Recommended”.
  3. Controlling:
    • Internal statistics system for tracking the mouse clicks by visitors on your website;
    • Scheduler allows you to exclude lender offers from display depending on time or date: you can hide those that are not relevant at night, or automatically deactivate partner companies that operate until a certain date.
    • Adaptive design version;
    • Localization on several languages: from Russian and English, to Polish and Spanish.
    • If you want, using “nofollow” and “noindex” in links.

Conclusion. Wp-Loaner is a very functional plugin, both in terms of solving tasks, and on settings flexibility. For webmasters, who works with Lenders CPA network this plugin is very useful and effective solution. You can buy a license for 3 sites here. If you have or will have any questions about installation of configuration we recommend you to take a look at the training videos.


Max amount
Max term
day day

Found 9 lenders
Processing time First free* Max amount ARP(%)* Min amount Age limit Max term No credit check
10 min. Yes 425 €
Apply loan
7.5 % 300 € 20 - 75 10-30 day Yes
10 min. Yes 1000 €
Apply loan
10 % 50 € 15-79 36 month No
15 min. Yes 1000 €
Apply loan
10 % 100 € 20 - 70 30 day No
15 min. Yes 1500 €
Apply loan
10 % 425 € 21 – 65 2-24 month No
15 min. Yes 700 €
Apply loan
10 % 40 € 20 – 65 12 month No
15 min. Yes 1000 €
Apply loan
10 % 100 € 18-109 14-30 day No
15 min. Yes 3000 €
Apply loan
10 % 100 € 18-109 36 month No
15 min. Yes 2000 €
Apply loan
10 % 10 € 21 – 70 30 day No


Total processed: 38198  loans

Today: 37  loans

Tomorrow: 34  loans

During the week: 71  loans

Monts: 1248  loans

Widget 1

425 €
Apply loan
1000 €
Apply loan
1000 €
Apply loan
1500 €
Apply loan


1  Crediton 700 €

2  Ondo 425 €

3  credi24 1000 €

4  7 1000 €

5  365 1500 €

6  atrais 700 €

7  green 1000 €

8  moneza 3000 €

9  Ferratum 2000 €

Widget 3